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How many genres do you like or listen to?

I like metal,punk,blues,classical,and jazz 5

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i like almost all genre's really.

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rock, classic rock, hair metal, metal, jazz, indie, punk, techno
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How many is there i listen to a load of crap metal, classical, indie, rock, classic rock, jazz, blues pop punk, some emo music sometimes, electronic, punk rock, screamo type stuff and any tihn so thats .......... 12 i can think of
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i listen to one... it's called "music"... genres are stupid
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A bit stupid thread. I don't bother counting genres 'cause it's hell of a waste of time. I suppose I'm not the only one listening to things from Pat Metheny to Mr Bungle to Vivaldi to Def Leppard ? lol
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i listen to 4 Genres


but sub-genres....i could go on quite a bit......
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Go say that in the metal thread.

haha... i will... metal is the most retarted when it comes to genres
Your birth is a mistake you'll spend your whole life trying to correct.
Well, genre can be a relative loose term. I myself enjoy...

Rock, Classic Rock Blues, Blues-Rock, Psychedelic, Proto-Punk, Punk, Dance, Dance-Punk, Post-Punk, Post-Rock, Glam Rock (NOT Glam Metal), Alternative Rock, Indie, Indie-Rock, Indie-Pop, Afro-Pop Folk (but very little), Folk-Rock, Rap (Once again, very little), Trip-Hop, Techno, Electronic, Jazz, Prog Rock, Garage Rock, Lo-Fi

So yeah. 10+
What a silly thread...
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