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The other day I wrote a song. But Im no professional at writing and I think it sounds kind of dumb. Here it is.

Verse 1
Final four days of your life, barely stuck up with a knife.
First few days of mutilation, gotta wait theres two more patients.
Bringing out pain before the game, try again it only makes you lame.
Final three days of your life, drawing more will give you strife.

Why wait theres plenty after, Go again it will bring you laughter.
You try again like your a statue, Ill rip you off like a god damn tatoo.
Why get off like a peice of trash, stop yourself that slash.
Dont wait ... Your alone.
Its only the first day after life.

Verse 2
Final two days of your life, Stop killing with the stressed out housewife.
Theres knives on the floor when you abhor.
Blood on the door to get some gore.
Ropes on the celing when no ones sqeuealing
Give it up with the mass pill stealing.
1 2 3 what happened with glee.
No more time, your just the hanger on the tree.

The rest of the song is just the chorus pretty much. So is this ok or is it kind of crappy. Post down some suggestions or changes for the song to make it better if its not that good.