hey if anyone remembers in the wedding singer when Julia is listening to a song that's not in english right before glen comes in and tells her about getting married in vegas....what's the name of that song? it's like some up beat 80's song from some other country but it was pretty famouse here and i wanna listen to it but i don't know the name :/
thank you in advance
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That movie is on VH1 right now.

Lol yeah it is im watching it too, Im flipping in between that and The Doors movie...
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99 luft balloons

that movie is great
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the whole time i was expecting it to end in the fresh prince theme song

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yeah i was watching it on vh1 too and i saw that part and i knew i would go crazy if i didn't hear the whole song, they only played it for like 3 seconds in the movie, but yeah thanks for the replies