Sit by the chair, in the calender.
Hair, back, tied up in a big knot.
We can't see a thing.
and it's all so nice.
Back, up, in the hussle again.
Green little girl, got to find her a friend,
shes a sweet little thing.
but she's cold as ice.
Lip lock, gloss and a bucket of lead,
one, sip, trip and you'll be better than dead
cause it's all so nice.
it's all so nice...

Cop, chase, rock hit in the head.
Fall, down, ground, let's hope that he's dead.
It's a sweet little lie.
It's a beautiful buy.
Sunrise, set, in a bucket of wh0res
slick, little trick, with guns in her drawers,
it's a nice little life.
oh, it's a paradise.
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