I am setting up my CNC to slot fingerboards, ive got a few designed, all of them being 27 frets, the places were going to charge me 80 dollars in tooling fees to slot 27 frets... =[

Where i nhe hell can i get a .023 or 1/64 sized router bit with a 1/8 or 1/4 shank?
Woodcraft would have them but at the same time they probably wouldnt have spiral bits which would be more ideal for CNC routers. So your best off ordering the bits from a supplier such as Grizzley, or other woodworking supply stores.
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grizzly doesnt have them, i dont think woodcraft does..

i managed to find a 10 piece mini set with metric, starting at .55 (much smaller than a fret slot) so i think that will have to work. its just a fret slot, so its not going to be under alot of tension, only problem is my router has a 1/2'' collet, these are 1/8''. thats gonna have to be fixed with an adapter or something..
What kind of router is it? I know on my bosch routers you can change the collets. I wish I had a CNC router .
mcmaster carr... if they have one by you. you can get them in basically any size you want. theyre metal cutting end mills though... not router bits. i used a .02" (.5mm) end mill for mine on a vertical CNC mill
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