ok heres my story, i went into my local guitar store and was checking the guitars when some guy was play a dean and he was screwing up all the notes (trying to play nottingham lace - buckethead) and then he tried out a ibanez, screwed up the notes again, and then he tried out an esp still screwing up all the notes so then i noticed he went up to hte counter and he said "im never coming to this store again all the guitars are terrible and they feel awful." and this really pissed me off so im wondering has this kind of event ever happened to you? if so discuss
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hahahaha I would have laughed it for hours. I rarely ever see people play much at my local stores but when they do suck at least they stfu hahaha
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well, he would just need to get used to a new guitar, but that's no excuse. The guy really doesn't get anything.
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some guy came into my local shop once and asked the owner how much a steve vai sig costs, when Bobby (the owner) told him around 3 grand the guy just said ok thanks and walked away with a really sad/disapointed look on his face (was probably a newb that didn't know much about gear)
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Best was when I took my lil' brother to the guitar store... I think we were going through a Dinky or something, anyways... this guy was playing Satch's "Always with Me, Always with You" right, and well, he sucked... my lil' bro plugged in a guitar and played it times better than that guy (infact he plays Satriani better than me)... but the funny thing is that the guy kept tryin n' tryin (with a look of vengeance about his face), and then just left the store. Now, the guy was like 25+ and my brother is 13.

lol, when I see a youngster play better than me, i praise em, not become jealous!
a dude walked into sam ash and asked why there were 5 pickups on the guitar (it was hsh). another guy tryed playing damnit by blink and he played so slow they laughed at him
ha I've had something like that happen to me twice. First was this guy probably in is early twenties maybe late teens. I was checking out some of the new stock they got in and he walks in goes up to the basses, picks up a six string bass and start playing it like a guitar. After two minutes i saw him get a clerk and tell him something was wrong with that guitar saying the sound was too low. The second time some kid plugged in an Ibenez guitar into i think it was either a 100W or Marshall Half stack (don't remember) and turn all of the knobs up to ten before turning it on. When he turned it on the floor shook and the guitars almost fell off the wall. The kid then proceeded to play at full blast until the owner ran over shut off the amp before the speakers blew and told him to leave. He just left with a face as if he didn't know why he had to leave. Some people are really stupid when it comes to these things, but i guess we were all beginners at some point.