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$2, ill give you $3 tho

i got $3.05USD, am i winning the bid?
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How much did you pay for it? And did you buy it new?

first owner
there are no scratches, its just been sitting around for a long time in a case.

ya the thing is is that i forgot pretty much completely about it and forgot how much i even paid for it! i just want to sell it now. think i buoght it like 7 or 6 years ago im not sure.
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What bridge is that? Could help determine the cost a little easier.
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i got $3.05USD, am i winning the bid?

I raise it all the way up to $4.75USD... I believe I've got the winning bid now bitch!

In all seriousness though - you said the prices are really varied?? Well take the average price and sell it for somewhere around in there! Or just sell it for what you think its worth but don't go ripping people off... I mean there may be some idiot out there who is willing to pay $2000 for it but could you consciously make that sale?
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What bridge is that? Could help determine the cost a little easier.

its a floyd rose pat.

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I think he stole it from some poor little kid and is trying to sell it before he catches him.. That's why he "forgot" how much he paid for it..
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You sir are a genious.

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Winnah right here.
I'm bidding $75
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1,000,000 Dollars (does doctor evil thing) Dun dun Dun!

I would say about 400-600 range
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check e-bay and add 20% to the median winning bids
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idk what the keys are for but the reason i think its for the floyd rose is because its called floyd rose double locking

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ok ok, to make it easy, ill take if off your hands for free, you just have to pay shipping
i would personally pay $200 if i had it right now but if i was selling it i would go about$500