well, i started playing acoustic guitar about 4 years ago, but kinda stopped until January where a bought a cheap acoustic-electric. And i am hooked, i cant get enough of it. but the more i play it, i realize that its still acoustic and i have trouble with faster stuff, and really want an electric.

Now with the memorial day sale, it would be ideal to get stuff now on sale.

so what is a good cheap guitar and amp? For the guitar, i would prefer to stay away from squier, and other less then quality brands. ive seen the deans, and played one some time ago, and i like it. I dont need anything too crazy, just something i can play with. I know several bands that are going through some tough times and about to break up, so i may see if i could join as a rhythm.

As for the amp, i would only need some cheap to practice, and i should be able to use someone else's amp at gigs.

As of now, i really dont know what my budget is, im trying to get a part time job over the summer to pay it off, or borrow money from the parents and pay them back when i can. So what would be some different options depending on my budget.
I just got an ESP Viper 100 doesn't cost so much and it sounds nice I also use a small MicroCube Amp costs $100 i think?