So i'm getting a macbook in a few days and i was wonderin if the wireless on the mac works with a wireless router (linksys). I was watching those mac tutorial videos and they show this Airport thing. Do you need that airport device if you have a wireless router?

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No, you don't need an Airport, the only reason they show that in the Apple commercials is that it's an Apple product.

Macs just work, remember?
I'm on a macbook as we speak. And the Airport device comes pre-installed. I live in an apartment complex which is convenient, cause that means free wireless internet from the people who are too dense to block me with a password. The Airport will automatically detect networks for you to get to the internet from. I'm on a linksys network right now (not mine obviously), so you won't have any problems.
Wi-Fi is Wi-Fi. You'll be fine.
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you will be fine sir
im getting a mbp in the summer after i come back from vacation as well
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