Awesome video, clip of "Survive Kaleidoscope" new Underoath live DVD that comes out tuesday, I can't wait.


watch it! pure win.

edit; i meant it will make you like them if you hadn't before :P Great vid I can't wait to watch it on an HDTV
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haha I thought you meant it would make me like underoath, as in like the guitar player or something, I was like wth?? I wish...lol
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I love Underoath, but what's so special about that video?...

Also, we have an underoath thread somewhere, move it there.
Who dat?
if it has dallas in it
or a human sacrifice to the dark lord then ill like em again
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amazing band... i think i like them a bit more after that :P
i'm convinced they need to come out w a live cd/dvd now