Can you just list some bullet points on how to start a song lyrically.
Just to transition in from nothing, to the beginning of the song is hard, whenever I do it, it seems like I am starting on the 2nd line instead of the first.

Any quick tips?
there is a lesson on the lessons page that would help alot. helped me.

to sum it up tho, if you have a rhythm in mind, or a riff you like, play it and hum along to it to what you think the words might sound like. then take note of the long and short 'syllables' of each hum, and put in random words. then put in words that make sense.

works for me most of the time.
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tyeah, the first verse definately is the hardest. but you dont have to start there. usually the first verse i write ends up being the second verse, then i write the chorus and say, "whats the best way to introducec this feeling" you know, you dont have to write it in order. just have your idea and write everything down that you can and then arrange it after you have it all on paper. sometimes you cant just straight-up write it from start to finish.
Just think of a topic, or a cool title and think of what it's all about. I find stating with the chorus is the easiest way to write a song.
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oh yeah, that reminds me. starting with a title can be confining because you feel like you have to relate everything to that word or phrase. start with an IDEA and build on that. wait until the song is done, then apply the title. if it makes sense, keep it, and if it doesnt, find a new one.