Poll: How you ask someone out?
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a note
6 2%
ask them yourself
299 96%
have someone else ask them
8 3%
Voters: 313.
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"hey does this rag smell like chloroform?"
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From those three options and just in general just ask them out yourself.
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If a girl says yes to the first or last one you are extremely lucky or she is desperate.
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Are you like 10 years old?

You ask them yourself. If you are too pussy to ask them yourself and you have to get your friend to do it, then you don't deserve to have a girlfriend anyways.
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You fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way
Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way
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If a says yes to the first or last one you are extremely lucky or she is desperate.


And by telling them about the relationship thread in the Pit.
/snide remark
ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.

Want to go to (insert place here) on (insert day here) with me?
I usually say "Hey, wanna go (insert pre-planned activity here)?"

If you mean the whole, "will U go out wit me?!?LAWLZ?!!!1" bullshit that immature primary school kids do, then I don't. It's extremely immature and makes no sense.
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Are you like 10 years old?

You ask them yourself. If you are too pussy to ask them yourself and you have to get your friend to do it, then you don't deserve to have a girlfriend anyways.

I humbly concur.
don't explicitly ask them out, you idiot.

to avoid a no or an awkward date, you have to actually get to know them first, and you should work it into a conversation. it shouldnt be officially declared a date from the get go. just say "what are you doing this weekend?" and let one thing lead to another, and ask her if she wants to see a movie or something. then, after the movie, if the chemistry is right, ask her back to your house or go to a party. simple.
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No, because he obviously isn't.
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No, because he obviously isn't.

I meant that might be how you would ask a girl out.
ermm...this IS a joke right? you don't seriously mean to have "a note" or "have someone else ask them" as REAL LIFE options right....?
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Actually I'm 15, and I did this just to see what people actually do. At my school, people ask them out by all three ways.(people who use the 1st and 3rd are retarded) I ask them myself.
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Take your balls in your hands, be a man, and ask her yourself. Girls usually dislike guys with no APPARENT self confidence.
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Ahahhaa, look at the poll results.


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Take your balls in your hands, be a man, and ask her yourself.

Having your balls in your hands when you ask her is the most important thing.
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"hey does this rag smell like chloroform?"

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Ask to eat lunch or dinner with them. It's the same thing, but less formal and pressuring to the other person.
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because no one else has done it yet:

I don't ask girls out
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are you kidding me...
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Just ask her confidently for her phone number and if she lieks mudkipz. It's hard the first time, and the second time (especially if you were rejected the first time ), but after that its pretty easy. And ignore the other idiots, T/S. I could probably guess that most of them dont have a girlfriend/boyfriend.

If you can feign confidence, or that your nice, or that your interesting, its alot easier.
Poll results:




What could this possibly imply TS?
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.........oh wow.
Eddy 372, im nominating you badass of UG
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At 98.13% of the vote and after 12 hours of votes, I'd say "ask her yourself" wins.

After the age of 12 no one should be having their friends ask people out for them.
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I leave my fresh kills on her driveway to impress her parents first.
Then it just unfolds from there.
dont date.
hang out with chicks, kiss some, but if you date then you cant hit on other girls...
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