I sold my old fender squier ripoff and im ready to buy a new guitar. My budget is kinda low I know but it's the most i can afford for now. I like to play stuff like metallica, stratovarius and a bit of dream theater. So i'm definitly looking for a guitar that sounds metal. If you got any suggestions, post it here please, thank you.

First post btw :p.
ESP LTD KH-202. its the kirk hammett signature model, it costs, i believe 405. im left handed so mine costs 435, but it is amazing. if you love metallica and metal, get this baby, its amazing.
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If you going new and have to have a floating trem I would suggest a Ibanez Rg370DX Its runs 359.99 and if you purchase through www.americanmusical.com you can do a payment plan and free shipping with no tax.

It has the same specs as the Kirk edition posted above and its cheaper.

But honestly i wouldnt get a floating trem because they can be troublesome at times and cheapo's in your price range make matters worse. An Ibanez Rg321 is a really nice guitar and come in mahogany for only 279.99 and also has a payment plan and no trem to worry about.

Ibanez RG321MH Features

Wizard II Neck: 25.5 scale neck is 2mm thicker than the super-thin, super-flat Ibanez Wizard.
Mahogany Body: Mahogany provides rich warm lows and sweet sustain.
24 Jumbo Frets: Jumbo frets offer easy playing for leads and chording.
Fixed Bridge: Fixed bridge design offers thru-body stringing for stronger tone and sustain.

And the pickups are decent but hell with the money saved you can get the pickups you want and slap them in there and still meet your budget..
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well, if you're going for metal, these guys have what look to be some pretty solid options, Ibanez makes some good stuff.

If you're looking for any other style music than metal, go with a Mexican Fender Stratocaster. They run 300 bucks used.
I bought one almost a year ago, and I'm endlessly impressed with it.
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