Awesome Guitar solo by Nori Bucci...I havent seen a girl play so good before! totally blown away!

She Shreds

Update : It works now...
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Link doesn't work


Yes, women can play guitar too...


yeah but that link to posting on the forum can shred pretty well too
WOW ! a girl can shred....

like really even tho she is like the 1,000th girl that can shred on a guitar... I'm so impressed
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whatever...shes ugly anyway, and has small boobs and....and her stage presence is stupid and....she has no feeling and.... malmsteen is faster and....

/jealous asshole

lol, shes awesome
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That strat looks huge on her.
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Yea i seen this before shes realy good one of the best women shreders out there well thats probably cause shes one of the only.
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Shes very original...

ive noticed everyone people call origonal sounds like that...
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eh shes not bad lookin, and yeah it seems like she might like Santana. shes good, only her stage presence sucks, she looks stiff...
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nightraven, how so? its probably the best to shred on as you need technique instead of letting the pickups drive your amp into extreme overdrive and let distortion do the guitar playing.

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I saw a few more vids on youtube but i'm sure she's the best rocker around...

there are also some mind blowing classical guitar female players out there!

their skills are like totally insane
If she could get some vibrato on her bends, that'd be really nice. But otherwise, I thought it sounded really good.

Edit: I'm not sure, it could just be because her tone is so much better than the other guy's in the second video, but I liked her stuff way more. It was much more enjoyable.
It's so strange that there are so few female guitarists out there. I like the guitarist from The Donna's:


Cool retro rock 'n' roll style guitar work.
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I saw a few more vids on youtube but i'm sure she's the best rocker around...

there are also some mind blowing classical guitar female players out there!

their skills are like totally insane

Case in point- Ana Vidovic!

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girls always seem to have an odd posture when playing guitar, something about the shoulder. this always strikes me. nevertheless, she's awesome. and she's using a strat for shred, which is imo the hardest electric guitar to shred on.

Really?, I can shred better on my start than on my alexi! Thats probably weird. Getting rid of the alexi soon though.

I agree on the posture though, as well as the fact that the strat looks bigger than her.
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Could you guys stop wanking so hard? I think it's clouding your judgement. "One of the best women shredders"? Did Jennifer Batten die recently?
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