For Christmas I received an ibanez jumpstart package, in particular the shred hed package. After a few months I replaced the stock amp that came with the package for a roland cube 30x that I got on ebay. Recently I have been trying to play a lot of zeppelin on the cube and I find the Jimmy Page sound hard to dial in on the cube. In particular I find that the cube has decent distortion properties, but I think it is somewhat lacking in the punchy overdrive sound that I think is unique to a lot of Page's stuff. Are there any pedals that you all recommend that would help achieve that zeppelin sound? I have been considering the boss super overdrive pedal. Is it OK to use a pedal with one of the lead channels vs. the clean channel? I think the overdrive pedal used with either the tweed or brit combo might produce something close to that zeppelin sound. Any and all thoughts are appreciated, but only constructive thoughts.

yea you're better off just spending a couple hundred on an epi valve junior or a lil more on (IMO better) a blackheart combo and just use that for anything that has that marshall crunch. there's no replicating pure tube tone w/o a tube amp.
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Jimmy Page/Zeppelin sound is way too vague. Name an album, song, live performance, etc... then we'll take it from there
TO be honest, the Super Overdirve will do much to nothing on your SS Cube. OD's are for pushing the tubes, so they don't do much to SS amps.

I have to agree with slash_rocks on this one. The Epi Vj might be a tad less of a good buy than the Blackheart, but that is only because the Blackheart has an EQ.

Go to your local store and check out both, and maybe some other small tube combos? Like some 5-15 watters. They'll be better for crankage, since I'm assuming you're just a bedroom player at the moment.

Also, if you're looking for the Page sound, stick close to the British-voiced amps, like Laneys, Traynors, Epi's, and Blackhearts. Fenders are too bright.

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Epi valve junior FTW!
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Though you probably won't like the price, the Throbak Stone Bender is your best bet for Page-in-a-box. You'll have the full on fuzz for LZI and early live tones, and the pregain switch which tames it will make it more useable for overdriven type tones. I've modded my MKII with pregain control (among other things), works like a charm, will cover Page very well. The rest is in your fingers. http://gundrymedia.typepad.com/throbak_electronics/2006/11/stone_bender_mk.html

Don't bother with it though until you get a new amp, really isn't going to get it's full potential through the Cube, sorry. Sell your cube and get the VJ.
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Epi valve junior FTW!

I plan on getting one soon!

Can't wait

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?