hey, so the band im in plays in standard tuning and i use my Godin Freeway Classic to play and go to shows with etc. and keep my Gibson Les Paul Menace at home just to fiddle around with but most of the songs i want to play are in drop c# and i wanted to go into that tuning on my LP.. the strings on it now are 10-46 so if i changed to drop c# would these strings suffice? and with the lower tuning would i need to take it into a guitar tech and adjust the action and such? also if 10-46 isn't big enough and i went 10-52 would i for sure need to take it into a tech to get everything adjusted?

thank you.
I don't know if the tuning would make a big difference but if you're gonna be tuning that low, apparently ernie ball slinky strings (probably the really slinky kind) help.
I've Drop C# with 10's before, but the strings were pretty lose and the guitar had a 25.5" scale so in your case I would recommend at least 11's.

Getting it setup professionally is probably necessary regardless, but if you're going to be keeping it in that tuning you'll be much happier if you get it setup by a professional and not tried to fiddle it with yourself.
thanks T!AN that's what i was thinking of doing and you pushed me to go do it for sure, but i thought there is no harm in asking UGers for that second opinion :-)