I just bought my first strat today. American standard in sienna sunburst and I love the thing to death. This is the first guitar i have owned with a whammy bar, and it seems like i cant go jamming for more than 5 minutes before i need to retune.

Is this going to be a constant problem that comes from using the whammy bar? Or will the strings eventually stretch out to the point where i can get through a whole song just fine.

If they are new strings, it will be fine. If they aren't new, you should stop bending your whammy bar so friggin far
Usin a whammy bar usually causes the guitar to go slightly out of tune. Use it too much and it needs major tuning. I'd suggest some things to do, but my whammy bar is a Floyd Rose Tremolo System. I ain't too familiar with Strat trems. But use it sparingly and ya should be fine.
Also, since the strings on your new strat are prolly new or were rarely kept in tune (dependin on whether you replaced them after you bought the guitar), it might jus be the strings adjustin to the tension of tuning. So, if after a few weeks you still have problems, I'd take it in and ask em if they know any tips on how to keep it in tune.
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