I'm not entirely sure of rules for groups. I'd imagine that they'd have the same basic guidelines as forum rules (I.E. No flaming, no porn, no spam/advertising, etc). If the administrator of the group wants you to follow certain guidelines then he'd probably have that displayed publicly in the group description. Other than that, I'm not really sure. Just play it safe and keep it clean.
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to my knowledge, the rules for groups aren't formal.
basically use your head.

some rules are obviously shared NO porn, for instance.
NO harass other communities.
NO advertising.

other rules are more lax.
spam is a great example.
the Group Admin (UGer who started the group) will decide what's spam and what isn't.
You can't spam forum threads with the lol wut pear.
but if a Group Admin wants to allow that, no problem.

Same with flaming/swearing.
The Group Admin decides what level of behaviour is appropriate.

if you want to start a group where you can argue and flame each other,
i doubt that would be a problem as long as all members of the group understand the rules.
if you all agree that you can cuss at each other, what's the harm?

defaming a UGer that isn't a member of the group might be different.
possibly warn/banable for the Admin of the group if he allows it,
and for the members who participate.
and definitely not very classy, imho.

Use some thought in your decisions and you'll probably be fine.
You want to be silly? no problem.
You want to hurt people? big problem.

When in doubt, contact a member of the UG staff for clarification on a specific issue.
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Yeah, ^ .. the 'Silly = Hell Yeah, Bad ass = No way' is good to remember.
Like.. you can a group with the name "this is a lame and stupid group where topics like cake and pee is being turned up and down - Only for nerds" but not with "TheKermal is the most as*f*uck*ing supers***eii* on UG"
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