I am new to electric guitars, I used to play acoustic for like 6 months, now I've moved up to electrics, which I feel are easier and funnier to play. Now, I bought a Peavey starter kit because I didn't know if I would like it at first.
It came with a Peavey Raptor Plus EXP and a Peavey Backstage 15W amp. I don't really like this amp, I feel it buzzes and hums way too much.

I am now thinking of buying another amp for sure. I saved enough money and bought my Fender strat. Now I have to look for a kick ass amp to match my girl.

I was thinking about getting a Fender amp, but since I don't know a hint about guitar amps, I thought I should ask first.

The amp I'm looking for has to fit almost every type of music style, because I like anything from Tesla's Love Song to Heavy Iron Maiden songs.

My budget is around $300.00 since I'm not getting promoted anytime soon.

Recently I stumbled upon the Line 6 Spider III 75W amp and it sounds amazing, on paper, a friend of mine recommended the VOX AD50VT which is like $400.00 so I guess I could save for like another month and buy that one, but I want to see what else is out there.

I think if I were to choose a music style, I would go for grunge or rock/blues sound.

So any advice would be greatly appreciated.
the roland cube 60
can do anything and sounds less digital than line 6

go to youtube for a demo
If you can go used, Try to get a Peavey Valveking (50w) Older peaveys such as Peavey Ultra combo (60w) or Peavey Bravo Combo (25w) or Fender Blues Junior (15w); they sell for about 300 used. Traynor YCV20 (15w) would have been better if you can even find one.

If you have to go new, get the Epiphone Valve Junior, Fender Champ 600, Valve Champ XD, Super Champ XD, or Pro Junior. Super Champ XD, IF you find a good quality one (it's chinese made, so QA is problematic), is real versatile and sound very nice. If you got a soddy one, then you will get bad sound.
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The Line 6 Spider III is good at low volumes for bedroom practice and whatnot. Once you turn the Spider III up, it starts sounding really dry and digital, but its one of my favorites for practice. Plus, the presets will sve you time and trouble, and the onboad effects are nice to play around with and can get you some cool sounds.

I hear the Roland cubes are good too, but I've never used one.
a peavey valveking is about 400 new.

i have one and its great. i also changed the speaker to a vintage 30 and sounds even better

it is a very versatile amp.. and its TUBE!

i recommend it
Hey thanks, a lot of feedback in a matter of minutes, nice.
The Cube 60 one looks amazing, and the Valveking as well. I'll go ahead and find a store that let's me try them out. thanks.
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I think if I were to choose a music style, I would go for grunge or rock/blues sound.

Peavey's Classic 30 can be found almost anywhere second hand for under $400, and would handle grunge and blues on it's own pretty comfortably. You could get an OD pedal to tighten it up for your heavier stuff. It would be a shame to get another SS amp just to cover a few metal tunes. The Classic 30 could be a gigging amp for you for years to come.
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