so yea i just put some on my guitar and i do not like it .. what a waste of 18.00 .. lol .. they are like sticky when im trying 2 slide up and down the neck and the string noise is loud .. my last set was elixers .. i should of just went with that again .. o and i was wondering what is everyones opinion and peference on nanoweb and polyweb .. ? and the new?elixer phosphor bronze nanowebs
i'm not a big fan of cleartones either, but it's because i don't like the way they sound. they feel just like uncoated strings to me. Elixirs are the strings that feel weird imo.
I've never cared for coated strings at all, but if I was to pick a set, it would be the Elixir Polyweb Custom Lights. The polyweb coating allows for most of the tone to come through, as opposed to nanoweb, which (despite feeling a great deal better) just kills tone. It's like putting a condom on your string.
Sincerely, Chad.
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