Hello everyone!

Okay I've been playing guitar for a really long time now. A person can't learn something new if one does not try to learn.

What I wanted was for expert sweep pickers to tell me how they felt and what went through their minds when they first sat down and decided they were going to learn to sweep pick.

I am really discouraged right now. I have been devoting a huge deal of time out of my free time to practicing this for about 2 weeks. I know that I can't possibly get anywhere in 2 weeks and I know it takes a LONG time, I just need some encouragement from people who have been in the same seat I am in right now.

Did you feel like you could never be able to do it? Or, did you think that you were going at it the wrong way. Any positive comments please.

Thanks to all in advance!
It's pretty hard to learn. But once you got it (which takes frickin forever), it's easy, man. Don't be discouraged; keep praticin. I know it's hard, but persevere. Good luck.
when i first started i could not play them to save my life. so what i did was take out my metranome started out at 60bpm at 16ths. did that till i could play them fluently then i would move the speed up a little bit and repeat. doing that about 3 times a week starting slow each time i got faster and more acurate. now im able to sweep at 130 at 16ths useing 6 string sweeps. after a while i would add more notes besides the standard triad notes, adding slides, position changes, ect ect.

point is. its fustraiting at first but after a few short weeks and dedication you will be able to do it fluently.
everything on guitar, i've felt like i could never be able to do it. i remember thinking goddamn, this is such a primitive instrument, having to mute strings manually and stuff (all i played before was piano...and recorder in 5th grade).

what i try to remember when i sweep pick is to keep the pick at a constant angle and depth into the strings. so hit every string with the very tip of the pick. try strumming all six strings without tilting your pick to get a feel for it.

also, remember that when you have the sweep picking down, your picking hand will always be slightly ahead of your fretting hand - it's not exactly simultaneous
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Just keep practicing it really slowly. Once you have the coordination between your hands down, getting faster is really easy.
Thanks a bunch guys! I really appreciate the advice. I know it is really going to help me in my guitar journey. Thanks again!
I broke my hand a few months ago, I REALLY, REALLY wanted to play guitar. But the cast was shaped such that it made playing it pretty much impossible. The only thing I was able to do was maintain a sweeping motion with my picking hand with the cast on. I started off EXTREMELY slowly. I had nothing to lose since my hand was broken, so I seriously started at about 50 bpm with eighth notes, I started to speed it up, and now it's not really a problem. I was in your situation once, I didn't realize that trying to do it TOO quickly will really impede your performance, do it extremely SLOWLY (so you can't get it wrong!). Also, try to get your hand used to the sweeping motion, mute the strings with your left hand and sweep evenly with your right.... most importantly, USE A METRONOME! If your sweeping is uneven and too quick, itll sound BAD, sometimes I can only hear one or two notes in an entire sweep just because people jumble them together
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