It's awesome! It's really very happy sounding. It really made me smile listening to it! I love track 39 wrete the lead guitar makes all those sweet noises. The Bass line is very sweet. The intro part works great! If u put that in an album i would totaly buy it! Best thing i've seen lately! CHEERS!

Easy 8,9/10 Really love the happy sounding!


When i read it was happy sounding i though it was gonna be crap, cause i do not realy like happy sounding music, it sounds so, boring. But this **** right here, well, it is NOT boring. Infact, its awsome. Liked the whole song.
The fastpicked riff near the end is just awsome.
Only thing missing is a gp file with drums.

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Wow that's just great I mean just.. great. It rocks straight from the beginning and to the end I'm sorry but I think there just aint anything to improve Keep on rockin' ! 10/10

Crit this one ? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=867406

Because it really needs it.
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Oh God, I love your stuff, Rod. Chiclets was amazing, your Boston-inspired song was great, and now this is added to the list.

The bass is a bit off in some parts, but I do love how you do 'happy' songs. They are happy, yes, but you know where to draw the line. Your leadwork is pretty great, it's nice to listen to.

I love the prechorus, how it sounds a bit sadder, then goes right back to lifting you into the sky, basically.

The solo sounds great. Almost... bluesy. I love that. It's like Slash went on happy pills for a few moments in there. Definitely better than Chiclets, even. I love how the bass nuderliens the guitar at the end of the solo, then the crazy fast strumming part before it goes back into the chorus.

Not much I would change with this, I love it as it is. Like I said, there are a few bass notes that are off, but I can overlook it so easily. I can also overlook the drum-lessness, just like Chiclets and Boston-inspired.

Great work, 9.5/10. Crit mine? 'Said And Done', in my sig.

Oh, P.S., I love how your bass slides up to that E note at the end. It actually made me laugh out loud.
That was genius

Gotta say I'm not a fan of power tab but that was certainly a well put together song mate. Well done. I couldn't fault anything really, well apart from the fact that in places it was kinda happy for too long, if that makes any sense. I'm thinking a middle 8 or something in a related key would sort that out nicely.

Awesome lead work. Well put together.
Just not enough 'difference' in riffs for my personal tastes.

9/10 anyway!

Oh and thanks for critting mine. Much appreciated.
God dammit. Wrote a very long reply and exidently deleted everything ><
So, I'll try again:
The good: I love the optimism it makes me feel. I actually heard it a couple of time just for fun ^^
it's really a great piece.

The bad: No drums. Bah. That's why I use guitar pro. It would sound great if you'll add drumming.

I'll give it a 9.5/10. If you'll add drums it will be a perfect 10 :P
I really liked this. It really did have a happy, refreshing vibe to it. everything sounded pretty perfect to tell the truth. the only measure that sounded off was the lead in measure 23. one of the notes was wrongish there.

but I loved the riffs and I loved the solos. great work.
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