Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) May 14, 2008 -- Long time Hollywood music company, Goodnight Kiss Records, is conducting a search to find new songs for a 2009 record release by Cathy Kent. The winning songs will be signed to their publishing catalog and cut as part of Cathy's next project. Kent's latest single, "Ka-Ching" is currently drawing attention on I-Tunes.

Sponsored by online music giant Broadjam, prizes include iPods, royalty advances, CD Players, USB Key Drives, Music Industry Books, and of course, a slot on Kent's next record. Entrants new to Broadjam also receive a free music web site, and free help placing their music online. Entries may be entered by mail or online, and anyone is welcome to enter. There is also a special section for lyric-only entries.

The owner of Goodnight Kiss, Janet Fisher, listens to every submission. "So many times in music competitions, there are outside judges who listen to the first rounds of music. I like to hear everything that might be appropriate for my own label. Sometimes raw talent or a raw song can be honed into a brilliant, refreshingly original gem. I don't want to miss anyone's potential," says Fisher. "It takes a lot of hours to go through all of the songs, but there's no other way to make sure I don't miss anyone's inspired work. This year Cathy and I will be listening together to find her the perfect material for her new release."

Goodnight Kiss has created numerous CDs from contests, including a CD about addiction, an original Christmas collection, and a CD of songs written about the military by those serving or who have served. They pay traditional real-world royalties to their writers and artists. "One of the best parts of owning an independent company is that we are never stuck on one flavor. Each project can be individually created with individual goals in mind. Cathy is an amazing artist which makes this project very inspiring, and I love it," says Fisher. The song contest runs through July 31, 2008.

The label is hoping to receive both up-tempo songs and ballads in the style of music that could crossover in Country, Rock, and Pop venues. When asked what specific type of songs she is looking for, artist Kent replies, "I'm looking for great, memorable crossover-country songs with interesting melodies, and surprises. Mid to up-tempo is favored for this project, but I also love great meaningful ballads. I also enjoy big powerful choruses with wide vocal range."

Kent's vocal range covers three octaves, so she can certainly handle the big-range material, and her songs on iTunes shows her love of melody. She continues, "As an artist, I will be singing many of these songs for years to come, so songs of substance, that have timeless, sincere messages, are what I really seek. Fun or serious, a great song is a great song!"

Fisher's company has worked on various projects with Broadjam.com over the past nine years, and is highly impressed with their content delivery system. She refers to the process as flawless. "Every year we discover new artists and songwriters from all sorts of places. Broadjam is key to this, as everyone from anywhere in the country or the world, can get their songs online via their delivery system."

Besides the plethora of prizes, winners and runners up in the song contest will also receive some nice promotion via Broadjam's news and the Goodnight Kiss Music News and their respective web sites. In addition to Broadjam.com, sponsors include The Music Registry, Celebrity Black Book, FreeEarbuds.com, and others.

To enter the "Songs For Cathy Kent" Song Contest, see below:

Rules and Entry information at: www.goodnightkiss.com/contest.html
Online entries: www.broadjam.com/goodnightkiss

For information about Goodnight Kiss Music, see:

For more inquiries regarding the online entry process, contact: Broadjam.com
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Janet Fisher at Goodnight Kiss Music

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