I enjoy playing 80's style metal and black album Metallica is about as heavy as I get. I thought about getting the newer vox ad30 xl, which is supposed to be designed for metal, but then I heard some bad things about it. I've read nothing but rave reviews about the older vox ad30, but can you do metallica on it, I heard its mostly good for classic rock and blues, which is okay, but I REALLY like to play Metallica. I'm not in a position to try out these amps before buying them from Musician's friend so I appreciate opinions in advance...

I looked at the AD30 based on rave reviews here. I didn't like it at all. Never tried to get Metallica tones from it however.

As a side note i get great Metalica tones from my valve Jr with a POD XTL. May be out of your price range though.
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yeah the general consensus around here for cheap solid state/hybrid modeling amps is that if you're going for a majority of classic rock stuff than get the valvetronix, and if you're trying to get okay quality metal tones than the cube is better
the cube is pretty dam good for those metal tones for its size
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