i know autumn leaves is a standard, and wave, the way you look tonight, and some others i can't remember. anyway, what are some jazz standards i should know. if you could list the artist too, that would be great. please bombard me with recommendations!

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Watermelon Man - Herbie Hancock. jazz/funk fusion kinda thing. one of my favorite songs of all time
There is a bunch of popular standards, but I seem to end up playing "So What" the most.
all the things you are, blue bossa, billies bounce, on green dolphin street
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My Funny Valentine, My Favorite Things, Moonlight in Vermont, So What, All Blues, Girl from Ipanea, One Note Samba, Mood Indigo, In a Sentimental Mood, Giant Steps.
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Take Five and Moondance are probably the easiest. Giant Steps is not for n00bs.

Blue Monk and Epistrophy are also good standards.
Black Orphius, Take the A train, In a sentimental mood, Mr pc(my favourite), All of me, All the things you are, basically all those catchy songs that are easy and fun to improvise on.
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Any Rhythm Changes, i.e. Oleo, Anthropology, I Got Rhythm. Misty's a good one too.
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Satin Doll is probably one of the most famous ones.

As with most standards, atrocious lyrics. lol
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^Misty is a really good one to know. So is Round Midnight.