Let me preface this by saying flat out that I am a guitar noob. This is the first guitar I have owned, and I don't know much about guitars in general. But in an attempt to not come on here and piss everyone off with my lack of knowledge, I've read the Ultimate Guitar Info Thread (which was very helpful, by the way). I feel a bit more comfortable now that I know enough to hopefully give you most of the info you need to tell me what guitar this is and how much it's worth.

What I know about it: It's a Dean (as evident by the logo on the headstock). It has a Floyd Rose bridge (not sure which model it is though, it only says "Licensed Under Floyd-Rose patents"), Single coil pickups, a tone knob, volume knob and pickup selector slider (5 settings). The body is shaped like a Vendetta, except that there aren't any indentations near the neck and the logo and headstock are different. That's about the extent of my knowledge (I got it for free from a guy I worked with who quit shortly after and I have no way of getting in contact with him to ask). Well, here it is:

Thank you for your time!

P.S. Sorry for the crappy picture quality, I only have a camera phone :\
It looks like a pretty nice guitar. You're lucky you got it for free. Im not sure how much it is just by looking at it but the floyd rose bridge is just a floyd rose. There is no model name, any floyd rose tremolo is just a floyd rose. Otherwise, its not a real floyd rose, and therefore it will have a model name.
Pretty nice for a first guitar nevermind being free. Can you tell us some more about it. It looks like a bolt on neck can you confirm this? The body is defenitly Vendetta-like. The specs match the closest with the Vendetta 1F. I'd say depending on the wood, it would be worth around $300 clean. Its possible that the body and neck are from different models assuming it's bolt-on (Could be some Vendetta-Avalanche hybrid)

edit: One way to check is take the neck off and check the neck pocket to see if the serial numbers match or if there is any company logo in the neck pocket, it could be aftermarket.
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Thanks for the quick replies!

There is nothing on the back of the headstock, but I did notice that each of the tuning knobs says Grover (aftermarket tuning knobs?)

It is a bolt on neck, I must have forgotten to put that in the original post. I just took it off to check the serial numbers, but to no avail, there was no serial number or logo. The paint looks pretty shoddy under the neck pocket, so I'm guessing it was repainted.

Just looked up the Avalanche (on the Dean site), and the body does look a lot like that, except without the pickguard. And there are no holes in the body to suggest that it used to have a pickguard that was just removed. Plus the headstock looks nothing like the Avalanche's, and still not the same as the Vendetta's, but close. Maybe it's an older model?
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^^maybe, but they might be stock.

Looks like a good guitar. Much better than your average starter.
That bridge is going to be the bane of your existence for the first few months - read this before doing anything with it!

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you also could send the pics the the dean site. and ask them if they know what it is, i figure they should know.