im trying to learn tapping from the lessons but weneva i tap a note i kinda get 2 sounds from it

its my tapping or my EQ or somethin?

btw im just learning this 2 get a technique under my built so im not goin 2 go out nd buy strings just fiddle with wat i got
Sometimes when you're tapping and you don't have your amp on or it's turned down you will hear the sound of the string vibrating on both sides of the note you tapped. Maybe this is the problem?
Otherwise try tapping the note a little harder to improve its clarity.
Well the second note is only coming acoustically from the bass itself, it shouldn't be coming from your amp. You could try using headphones if it's annoying you, or turn your amp up a bit.
Also some people (i.e Victor Wooten) like to use a hair band or something like that around the neck of the bass near the nut to mute the strings that aren't being played, and I assume this would solve your problem as well.