Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, FutureKind heralds a new era of Electronica music. Drawing equal inspiration from pop, trip-hop, jazz, dub, and world music, the four-piece band has been compared to Massive Attack, Portishead, and Zero 7, though none of these comparisons accurately describe FutureKind's unique sound. Gabriel Santa Cruz's rhythmic, percussive programming provides excellent counterpoint to his soaring guitar work and Thalia Williams' subtle yet alluring vocals. This infused with Frankie Escalante's deep basslines and Ben Dumbauld's dynamic, jazzy drumming makes FutureKind's music innovative and experimental, yet at the same time organic and melodic. Live, FutureKind seamlessly mixes warm sequences with multi-instrumental performance, utilizing keyboards, vibraphone, and percussion to provide an experience that lovers of all types of music will enjoy.
"SURROUND" - The debut ep by FutureKind is set for release this fall.

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- That was the official description. So please check out the site and let me know about what you all think.

Please check out the Music video its a great surreal steampunk voyage

And If you live In phoenix come see are next show!!