ok so, most randalls...ss ones, including my RH200G2 and the new t2 and v2 have:

1. 8ohm out
1. 4 ohm out

So heres my question..

I own a vader 212 that is wired for 8ohms..@ 240 watts

the Randall t2 and V2 put out depending on the ohm 200 ro 400 watts,

So does that mean I need to put my can running into the 8 ohm out , and then buy a 4 ohm cab for the other out?

My concern is running a second vader 212 into the 4ohm out in conjunction with the one I already own going into the 8ohm output on the amp, and the one plugged into the 4 ohm out blows up or something.

Should I specify my next vader having a parallel output? and chaining the cabs through the 8 ohm out?? or wtf...
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Idealy existing cab on its own into 8ohm out

two 8 ohm cabs in parallel into 4ohm out
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