I want to buy a bass amp for $800 AU

iv just begun but i want 2 be able to use for a while mayb for at least 2yrs

any suggestions?

btw i would like suggestions for some good solid brands plz

I don't know what's cheap in Australia but try Peavey, Warwick and Ashdown.
I bought my Fender Rumble 100W for that price (from billy hyde's).
It's a great bass amp, but I don't know if you need that much volume?

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was the fender rumble any good?

Fender rumble is good, but the Fender Bassman is better. I have the 250/115 and it's awesome, almost totally future-proofed.

The bassman series does cost more (I paid NZ$1500 for mine), but for the extra money it's definitely worth it. It sounds really good, it's very loud, and you have A LOT of tone control. If you get it you wont really need to upgrade again as the sound quality is good enough for recording, etc, and the volume will handle any band practice situation you throw at it. Plus, it has good controls for DI'ing, so you're sorted for gigs.

If you want to spend a bit less, you can get the Warwick 250. It's also very loud, though not quite as much so, and it has very good sound quality. It actually has a 15" speaker, a horn, and an additional 8" speaker to give clearer mids, as well as a fairly good range of tone controls, so it is a very good amp. The reason I chose the fender over it is because the fender can produce a very wide range of sounds, whereas the Warwick seems to have an underlying tone that always dominates, regardless of what you dial in.

Don't get me wrong, I think they're both equally good as far as value goes. But the simple fact is you get more with the fender because you do get what you pay for. You might not get an extra 8" speaker, but the 15" speaker is made by Eminence, so that does make up for it.
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am i able to use the cabinet on its own or do i have 2 get a head?

A cab is speakers ina box. you need a head to go with cabs. A combo is a head and a cab in a single enclosure.

I would recommend getting a large combo such as the Warwick Sweet 15 or the Ashdown MAG 300. Loud enough to play witha drummer and guitarists (if they aren't cranking high wattage tube amps) and even live if you have a PA system you can use.

I wouldn't recommend the Warwick Sweet 25. I feel that it is just too large to justify being a combo. At the power it has, you are far better off saving a bit more and looking at seperate heads and cabs.
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I agree with getting a Bassman. I have the 250/210 combo and I can dial in hella tones which will be good if you're just starting out and need to find "your" tone.

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im thinkin about gettin the fender bassman 100/210 combo for $800

say if i wanted to catch with some friends 1nc a week and jam woud i b heard over drums nd guitar though?
i woul'd have recommend to try out Trace eliot bt in Aus they are realy expensive.
Maybe they have one second handed. 715 combo would be a great choice. You likely never want anything else.
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try a guitar store. or a pawn shop.
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