This is to all the luthiers, is it possible to install something like a floyd rose on an acoustic guitar?
no not at all
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i wouldnt say no...but it would have to be an archtop acoustic. And if its an archtop acoustic, you may as wall throw a couple pickups on it and call it a jazz box. But that wouldn't really be an acoustic...
I don't know lots about tremelo systems on guitars, but judging from the amount of pressure one applies to the body I would say that an acoustic frame would at least be in danger of damage if one was installed. I'm sure it's possible on certain acoustics, but for the most part it's not, and even on those certain acoustics it's risky.
only semi- acoustics. And they're not really acoustics. You'll just destroy the top on an ordinary acoustic. Unless it was made out of carbon fibre or soemething. And who really wants a carbon fibre guitar? only joking.

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It can be done, and it has been. But its not reccomended, it wrecks the sound as you have to stick a huge lump of wood in the body to take the strain, with a big of re-enforcement underneath the body, by using a bigsby, maybe a khaler.

But if you don't know what your doing go to a luthier and ask him to do it
I think i remember ritchie sambora (bon jovi) having one in the late 80s and even according to him it sucked
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i think MAYBE (not sure) you MIGHT be able to get a surface mounted system.
again, NOT SURE if it will work but http://www.stetsbar.com/
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Haha, you could solve the tension problem by putting it on a nylon strung acoustic...
an achoustic won't take the strain without some serios reinforcement, the first time tou push down on the bar the whole lot will probably break