I was never taught to play by anyone, so when i learnt to keep my playing clean, it was a case of seeing what worked - so the way i do it is by playing whatever note, and then when i need to take my fretting hand off the string i mute it with my palm, then move it. i dont know if this is right or wrong but it works.

however, ive been trying to work out recently how to sweep pick - and the theory is simple enough, but due to the fact that for sweep picking you pick in one motion without individually picking any of the notes i cant seem to make it work. is this still the technique to be used or is there a different way to keep sweeping clean?
with a broom?
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with a broom?

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sorry mate, i dont get what you mean

It being his picking hand, he lets off just enough to kill the note, then continues to the next one
I learned this from the Sweep picking lesson on this site. I roll my fretting hand, which means that as each not ends u slightly left that finger off the fret and i do that motion right down threw the progression or chord with each finger
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Basicly he lifts his finger off the frets just enough to no longer let the note ring out. I find the best technique for cleaning your sweeping up is holding the palm of your picking hand lightly over the 1st or 2nd fret (to mute the strings) and just running though what frets you need to play in the arpeggio with your freting hand to get the feel for what notes you need to play.
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uhh how do u cold your picking hand over the 1st or second fret???

You take your picking hand and place it on the strings at the 1st or 2nd fret... then you run your fretting fingers through the pattern just to from a memory of it - you aren't picking anything because your picking hand is muting the strings, you are just running your fingers through the pattern.
I'm learnig myslf to, i'm just now working on sweeping also. right now i'm just working on major arpegios down motion before i really put it all together. i make a C major chord anywhere on the neck and practice sweeping.