Here are couple of easy questions for serious guitarists:
I bought few weeks ago a new guitar ( Schecter C1 Classic ). I love it, plays great. It's just that after playing for about 20 minutes my fingertips are wee bit dirty and that slows down my playing. Where is that dirt from? Strings or fretboard? My mate tells me not to do anything about it, I am not sure if I should clean it and how. Also, question on action setup: this one is fine, but I would like to play with different action levels to see what's best for me (intonation is quite awkward as screwheads point towards the neck but there you go). I know all guitars come with lower strings further away from the fretboard. Why is that? Would it make sense to put them same level as the higher ones?
are you new to guitar? how can dirt..it basically weighs nothing..slow u down?
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i suggest getting some lemon based fret board cleaner, and the dirt has come from your fingers! You can try washing your hands before you play too. The wound lower strings are set up further from the fret board because they are prone to 'buzzing' more than the higher non wound strings