I remember reading on here that someone had a question about how high they should set the pickup height for their Texas Specials.

I ran across these numbers in my notes that I got from Fender awhile back. These numbers are direct from the Custom Shop and are the proper height for these pickups.

The bass side- 1/8 below the bottom of the string, depressed at the bottom fret.
The treble side- 3/32...same as above.

Remember, setting the pickups too high will result in intonation problems due to the magnets pulling on the string.
ah.. yes, I posted a thread asking the question in electric guitar section, Thanx!
PS: is that for one pickup in particular?
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They are all to be measured to the same height away from the strings, so you will notice that the bridge appears higher but they're all the same distance away.
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Those numbers are just a general guide, with no guarantee it'll actually sound good with your guitar (string gauge, technique, amp, etc.). I'd recommend putting them a little lower than that.
As stated above, those measurements are for all the pickups.

If you begin to have tuning problems, lower the pickups or lower the bass side.

well... I gave those measurements ago (well as close as i could get using mm) and I think that it is an amazing height! My guitar has never sounded this good
I posted a similar question a couple months ago. I asked because I replaced my stock MIM strat pickups with a couple different kinds one of which was the bridge position changed to a Texas Special. I actually got output DROP with mine. I had my wiring and setup checked by an electrician and by a pro guitar setup guru, they both said it was good, and neither one of them could explain why it wasnt as loud. The pup is good (we tested it) but the low end is not there and the output is actually lower than stock. I am getting by by running it through a seymour duncan pickup booster with the resonance switch in the 2 position and a GE-7 with shelved low end and it sounds righteous, but I wish I didnt have to jump through all the hoops for it to sound good. Anyone else have any kind of problem like this? Do you think I should pull an SRV and switch the bridge and neck positions?
Did you replace all 3 pickups or just the middle?

If just the middle you could have some frequency cancellation happening between the middle and the others. If all checked well as you’ve indicated, I believe frequency cancellation could be causing the apparent loss of output. As an experiment, you could flip the SRV around to see what happens.

My recommendation would be to either use all 3 SRV pickups or re-install what you had.
did you say you mixed different kinds of pickups together? because if you did they are all probably going to have different levels of output e..g neck might be louder than the middle or middle might be louder than neck etc...