Does anyone suggest a program that will allow me to record piano via the program. i.e, I used to write all my piano parts in powertab, then export it and convert it via stereo recording in Cool Edit Pro 2 (bear in mind this is only for demo recordings, not full blown professional setups), however I am no longer able to do this.
Is there a program where I can arrange my piano part on screen and then export it as, preferably, a .wav file?
If possible I'd rather not have to arrange it via notation (i.e. Cakewalk), as my notation skills are somewhat lacking.

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Pretty much any sequencer with a piano plug in bundled in, or the capability to use an external one.

Fruity Loops (already has a fair one), Reaper, Cubase, Sonar, Logic, anything really.

Just purchase or download a piano vsti, then you'll be able to arrange the notes and such on the MIDI map (a grid to input notes) of the program. Easier than your exporting method as well.
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