this is a cover of wasted time by fuel. Its only the first verse and chorus, i am going to learn the whole song i just wanted to see what people thought of my singing on it first

thanks guys
its in my profile

*Edit* ok now i got the entire song uploaded not just the first verse, plus i like this one a little bettter
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while I haven't heard the actual song so I can't comment on accuracy I liked the overall effect your voice suited the song well nice work man keep it up!
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u have a good grungy/indie voice
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you must like country music( or your voice sounds like it anyway) it was actually good. keep up the good work.
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^+1! I don't know if you're a fan of the genre, but your voice sounds great for country.
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Hi Be Careful about the correctness and i think you should open your mouth a little more...Great voice anyway.

C ya

Ps i think my english is ****ty but...i speak french...bah 's no important, that's only rock n roll
wow, i didnt think i would get near that many comments lol..thanks a lot everyone..an yea im a pretty big country fan, i didnt know if that suited my voice very well though..i got a cover of a garth brooks song on there too which is country..
sorry for the double post..i just wanted to say i just re-uploaded the cover, this time i did it in one take without any compression or delay and no effects on my voice. i also kinda put my country accent on the vocals lol..anyways just let me know what yall think..

thanks everyone

p.s. if you would like a song critted just let me know
I hate country so obv. I hate your voice..
I'm sure it'd be great though if you like that kinda' stuff.. doesn't sound much different then what you always hear out of a country song.
^^thats not a country song dude...i just sang it in my natural voice..which has a country accent..instead of trying to copy the sound of the lead singer from fuel..
I know, I didn't think it was a country song.. I just don't like country singers even if it was a normal accent..

apart from the point I don't mind accents.. I just don't like when people with 'em sing..
but I'm sure your voice is great if you like that kinda' stuff.
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^^thats not a country song dude...i just sang it in my natural voice..which has a country accent..instead of trying to copy the sound of the lead singer from fuel..

It isn't an accent that he is commenting on. It is that damn nasal sound I told you about before lol. That is NOT your natural voice. record a sample of you just talking, and then listen to your singing, they will sound entirely different. The issue is that you always sing with a nasal squeal that country singers do from time to time. That, as I told you before, is a VERY bad habit as it is hard to break.

You REALLY need to focus on not doing that. Doing it for stylistic purposes is one thing, but you do it 100% of the time.
foursymbols-thanks man im gonna do the full cover soon when i finally have a chance and aint workin..an actually i aint been singin really long..well i have but not as serious about it as i am now

technicolor-yea i understand ya dont like country singing..a lot of people dont...i just grew up here in a mountain town so its kinda engraved in my soul lol..i guess it just kinda grows on you when u live where i do

experiment--ok dude, im gonna try to take your criticism as constructively as possible..it is kinda hard though because it seems that u just flat out dont like the sound of my voice..i dont sing through my nose..i can pinch my nose while im singing and it sounds exactly the same..it is just the tone of my voice and my accent..just like when im talking like u said..maybe its just not your cup of tea..thanks for the comment
gotta admit im not to fond of your voice... but your singing was definetly good, you didnt miss any notes and showed some respectable range.