I'm wanting to get this guitar. However, I can get the exact same guitar for almost $100 cheaper here. The only problem is that the cheaper one is a used one with "cosmetic flaws."

I really want this guitar, and I know that looks are nothing compared to sound, but can ya blame me for wanting my new guitar to look nice especially since I'm paying about $580 (taxed added)? I won't even know the extent of the damage until I get it, and if its scratched all to hell then I'd be kinda pissed.

So, which should I go with? The $699 LTD MH-400, or the $531.24 LTD Blem MH-400
Pay full price if you can afford it. Better yet, buy one from a store, i.e. not online, so you can make sure it's in good condition (and get a better price if it's not).
youre going to drop nearly $600 with either scenario...why not pay the extra 100 for a guitar in better shape that even looks better, right?
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if they are selling it from a website like that i'd go on the assumption that it is a B-Stock, which, is no way near as bad as you seem to be thinking it could be, B-stock models are usually just models with a slight chip or crack in the paint, usually you can't even see it or bubble in the finish..again you can't actually notice it until someone points it out
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After some thought, I think I'll go with...... the Blem. Its cheaper, I'm garunteed the exact tone of a new one, and if I don't like it, it comes with a manufacture's warranty. Plus, this'll save me some money so I can mod up my other guitars too before summers out.

Now, new question, for an Ibanez SZ320: EMG-81's? or Semour Ducan's?
An Ibanez MIMX 65W. I'm going for a thrashy sound, but still staying ture to my bands metalcore sound.

I need pick-ups that have a high output, but is still pretty quiet.