Yes, as long as you intonate the guitar in that tuning, set up the neck/truss rod and bridge hieght. It's a pain in the rear but you have to keep going back and forth until it's perfect.
Sometimes you also have to make more drastic adjustments, depending on how dropped you're talking about. But it's always an uphill battle with non-standard tunings and intonation.


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let's take mick thomson's signature ibanez for example.
Factory-equipped with heavy strings tuned to C# tuning with a dropped B: (low to high) B-F#-B-E-G#-C#
wonder where you can buy those factory strings......
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You most likely cant get PERFECT intonation with dropped tuning, but you can get close by adjusting the bridge, string height, and maybe even the truss rod if you neck is bowed/backbowed.

The most important part is string length and gauge, as a very long or loose string will make intonation much harder.
Can you ever get PERFECT intonation without having them curvy frets that Vai is currently using?