The other day I was shopping for a guitar when I came across this brand called Cort. Apparently it is a pretty good brand that comes from South Korea and started establishing a market here. The prices are alright and the owner of the store told me that Cort also does contracts for the Ibanez, Parkwood, Schecter, G&L Tribute and Avalon. The prices of them at the shop were reasonable. Just wondering if anyone ever used one before and what their rating would be.
a cort rep hangs out in my local guitar shop.

i must say i like them... seemingly well built but i guess time will tell... they have a lovely arch top jazz box for around £500 uk and their strat/LP knock offs seem ok too.
Thank you please.
My first guitar was a Cort and they are great bang for buck. Very low action, great neck and solid build quality.
They have been around for quite some time.
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Yeah, they used to just make guitars for other companies, and still do, but I think in the past 20 years or so they moved onto making there own guitars aswell.
I think Adam Dunka;ldfj;lfjadfj, of Killswitch Engage plays a Cort.
I was wondering that is all...Haven't heard people talk much about it on the forums. Prices are honestly reasonable and they have some hardcore designs. They have a strat knockoff for about $375 and same guitar with hardcore dragon artwork for $425. I'm not sure if it is just me being a noob to it but the strat knock off from Cort felt heavier than the almost exactly the same looking one from Ibanez. Could it be difference in hardware or materials? Right now I'm debating which one to buy since both are in the $300-$400 CDN range. I don't mind the weight and they sound pretty much the same too.
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I think Adam Dunka;ldfj;lfjadfj, of Killswitch Engage plays a Cort.

nah adam plays caparison.

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I picked up a beautiful semihollow Cort M800 for a couple hundred bucks used. Great guitar. Great deal. Plays, sounds and looks nice.
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nah adam plays caparison.

Ah that's it. I'm not a big fan, but I like readin his interviews. He's a pretty funny dude.

Sorry for the misinfo.
My sis has a Cort acoustic guitar for her birthday and I must say it's one good guitar for 200USD.

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They're one of the largest guitar builders in the world.

They own the Cor-Tek factory in Korea which produces (as well as their own line) guitars by Ibanez, Parkwood, Schector, G&L, Hohner and Fender.

EDIT- Gotta love the marketing style

Play a Cort ?

Play with V-Picks ?

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Uh, CorteC is a maker of corrosion protection. They have nothing to do with Cort. Them making Fender has never been confirmed to my knowledge. They make Schecter, Ibanez/Ibanez Prestige, ESP LTD, PRS SE, among a couple others you mentioned. They also own Mighty Mite. Actual Cort guitars are regarded as dogs, probably due to the total crap they made along with Samick in the 80's.

Any Cort MIK has the same issues as the other Korean "units"; they're mass produced and not a lot of time and effort is put into them, leading things like fretwork and nut work to suffer. My Tele had a string get stuck under a fret end once! The Japanese always have built them better. The Koreans can probably buily equal guitars, and before someone jumps in about the Koreans having better technology, it's true. BUT they are used in an assembly line situation. A Ford or Chevy is not going to have the care or QC go into a BMW or Mercedes is going to. That's pretty much the difference between Korean Cort and Samick guitars and MIJ Jackson, Ibanez, and ESP.
my first electric was a cort M-200, decent guitar for $200 new. and i believe they've been around since the 70's.
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Cort, in my humble opinion, are brilliant. They make some very solid guitars - my Ibanez S470 was made by them under contract, and it is nothing short of brilliant. I also own a KX5 made by them, and for an Indonesian-made instrument it's pretty cool. Nice neck, low action, high-output humbuckers. Build quality's good as well, though I'm a bit suspicious of the neck joint - the paint's chipped a bit. But for £170, I can't argue with that. They're one of Ibanez' biggest contractors, so quality control (at least on the Korean end) is great. My Ibby still has its inspection sticker. The Indonesian ones might be a bit worse, but they are dirt-cheap and great starter guitars.

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Neil Zaza has his own signature guitar from them.

Looks beautiful, and I bet it plays beautifully too.
my first guitar was a cort and it is the shizz, low action, fast neck, nice tone, good pickups, good for any genre pretty much
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Cort electrics are brilliant, go and try one out. I have a Cort M600, and I prefer it to a real Les Paul!
A PRS is better, but not £1000 better.

Btw, Cort changed their M600 styling and pickups this year...so I dont think its exactly the same.
The people who say Cort electrics are crap are being ignorant. They were crap back in the 80's. But now they are seriously good guitars.
My first guitar was cort too. It's pretty old, so it definetly isn't new brand.
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Been around for 46 years apparently. I'm hoping to get a cort KX Custom (soo nice...)

Oh and just a warning, the cort website is full of trojans, so dont use it!
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Play a Cort ?

Play with V-Picks ?

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I had a Cort G260 as my first electric guitar, second hand. It was a nice guitar, nice thin neck. I got that christmas 05 so no, they're not a new brand.
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the site is full of trojans?!?

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Play a Cort ?

Play with V-Picks ?

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Hey guys!I didn't there were so many cort owners. I own the cort x-2. Cort guitars are nice and very good for the low price.I own the x-2 for 2 years,it has been reliable and I didn't face any problem till now.But I will soon sell it to buy an Ltd H-500
I recommend it to anyone who wants a good and cheap guitar.
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yeah, my antivirus software (kaspersky) blocks one every time I load thier website.
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Volta 91, that Cort M900 is a beauty! (I dont know why they changed the old styling/specs though, I kinda preferred the old).