Ive recently purchased a 11 Piece JEM body from the luthier "Jaden Rose". I would like to have a nice finish on the body however i do not no how to go about doing so . Below is a link to the kind of finish i would like to achieve.


The above image is the body which Jaden has made for me.
If you would like any custom work then check out his page:

PLEASE can somebody tell me how to achieve this finish? i also appreciate any alternative ideas that you may have!!!

nice body but imo the lower horn looks out of proportion and first link dosent work
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links to the pic are disabled, but google managed to find the exact same pic with a link that worked, the guitar in the link has a quilt maple top with a blue burst finish. As you don't have a quilted maple top on your body, i'd suggest finding another finish that you like, and copy that. with the neck-thru-esque laminates in your body, a stain might work well. search for projectguitar in google for some finishing guides, or stew-mac.
looks cool
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hmmm i had a feeling that due to it not being quilted that finish cannot be achieved.

can anyone on here suggest a finish to me, with pics if possible?

Thanks for you feedback
copy the link
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Use the idea about using a kind of varnish and just clearcoating.
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like the shape of the body and the diff. kinds of wood...

oh and, if anyone hasnt said anything...the link doesnt work

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I think this is similar to your guitar (the one on the right).


It looks like this was finished with oil, which is bought in a bottle and then rubbed into the grain; there is a little more to it than that, but anyone here who has done something similar will tell you what do do, or you can find it out elsewhere online.

Furthermore, if you would like to do tungoil, it would fit nicely to show off the different types of wood you have going (i would do this just because it looks so cool!). I'm just guessing that the wings are ash, the center and little strips are purple heart, and the two pieces that surround the center piece are maple? I think it looks great, although i hope someone has told you that purple heart will eventually fade into more of a gray-type color (its inevitable, the best you can do it not store it in direct sunlight).

Look around online for "finishing tips". www.projectguitar.com is a good place to start.

Good luck.

P.S. Ill be waiting for the link you have "provided" to work.
with that body if you paint it a solid colour ill come and beat you
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I wouldn't come and beat you, but I would write nasty comments in this topic. Directed at you!

A dye would probably look pretty nice though, here's a tip: Get a jar of black dye, rub that in and then sandpaper the surface. The less dense grain will soak up the black, and the denser parts will turn back to the natural colour. Then when you add the blue dye, the grain will look so much more "alive" and 3-dimensional. The purple strips would probably look interesting with blue dye.
haha trust me im not as retarded as to put a solid colour on it.
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after alot of reasearch my idea now is to dye the body black, then put a clear coat of nitrocellulose on it to give that glossy finish.

can anyone tell me a little more about nitrocellulose? ive heard alot of different storys on the time it take to dry?
also can anyone supply some pictures on this thread of projects that you have succesfully completed using nitro?

thanks alot guys

P.S i dont know why the link i provided does not work

I believe that the above link does work and this is a better example of what i want to achieve
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