Its that simple.
Im not looking for people in my area to start a permanent band, just to collaborate online to write one awesome song.

And we can get all kinds of input from other UGers by using threads and votes. It will be a song written by UG. I want as many people as possible with varying influences, im not picky about music style.

check out the thread. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=866718
do u have anything written? hit me up a chord progression or recording and we can see about making this a reality


You complete me
Its three in the morning, and i just dont wanna sleep
whats this thread here, i just wanna take a peep...

Its only me
C'mon dont ban, i swear i'll never swear again
Don't report my thread, could this really be the end...

Of UG...

ur turn
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The lyric is getting there... We need some more to work with, but once that is done, we will move to chord progressions and structure.