well ya, its actually only the first half of the song, Im planning on building up, but Im not really happy with that transition either. Ill have to play with it.
hehe, first thing i thought was 'mmm radiohead'

i like the song, it'd be great if it had a backing vocal section similar to a choir. thats what i'm feeling anyway. i'm not sure if the lead vocals have too much reverb or not... i think it has too much.

bring the vocals forward. when mixing the vocals should be the loudest of all! bring those backing vocals forward too, i'd say around about the volume of the guitar... or just a bit below it.
The guitar work is pretty cool, vocals definitely need to come up a bit. An ending of some sort is also needed in my opinion. I think this is a good start on the song, it just needs to be developed a little bit more. More instruments in the song would help fill it out a bit more, maybe some strings, synths or keys. Overall good work, keep it up!

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