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Personally, I get there quick with most ladies, but then something still blossoms out of it.

It's still annoying if you 'ave feelings for a girl.

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The only time I really hate the friend zone is when you're there because she already has a boyfriend.

But the friend zone is totally bust-outable.
It's ludicrously easy to go from friends to further if both of you want it.

Relationship thread?
Don't slip into it in the first place. If you want to be with the girl, make a move. You can't sit around forever, because you'll slide into the friend-zone. And then it's awkward, difficult, and daft, to move out of the friend-zone. Why? You don't want to lose a friend, you might just freak her out if she doesn't expect it, and why didn't you bloody well make a move in the first place.

i get there quick.... and then nothig happens..
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Its hard for me to end up in the "friend zone." I get past it without even knowing sometimes...
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Never forget what really matters in life, friends and family.
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i used to get stuck in the friend zone a lot. then i became an asshole. chicks dig assholes.

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Just tell them :
"hey listen, I'm not your girlfriend with a pernis, nor am I your emotional tampon"
that works for me everytime when they are talking to me about that one guy they met at the club
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i get there quick.... and then nothig happens..

you should see a doctor about that......

i always seem to get in the friend zone with girls that i would go out with, and all the ones who i dont want to go out with want to go out with me. so ive got some girl who wants more from me, and i dont want anything from her, and the one(s) i would like to "get to know better" view me as a friend. soooooo annoying.
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