Hey, I live in Houston Texas, and I would really like to know if there is anyone who might be willing to form a band, or has a guitar opening in a band.

I have been playing for 2 years, and I consider myself advanced for the short amount of time I've been playing. I Excel in lead techniques, but I can step back and do some rhythm work or riffing. I can do a tiny bit of vocals, mostly back-up vocals and things of that sort. I'm into any kind of music, but I mainly revolve around Grunge (Nirvana, Collective Soul, etc.), Alt.Rock ( Wolfmother, Muse, etc.), Classic rock ( Zeppelin, Van Halen, etc.), and Garage rock (White Stripes, Raconteurs)

PM me please, if there is anyone interested. =]

hey man, im a bass player in a small town near houston I play a simmar style, if you can provide transportation or atleast meet me some where I would like to try a jam
I might be interested playing with you. I'm a bass player. I'm a beginner. I can sing but I'm not that good at singing. I like the same genres. I can play drums but I have no experience or own any drums. I do have a guitar at my house but I know very little about guitar. What part of Houston do you live in?
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Ignorance of the Safe
hey man
my names nathan. im down for playing or forming a band with you. i play pretty much any type of music, but grunge, punk, and classic rock pretty much run my musical life.. im only 16, but i have played several gigs, and opened up for major recording artists such as The Addics, the Casualties, and The Transplants.
hit me up at 832 524-2998, or email me at Totalsuperhero@aol.com if you are interested.
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yo, im a bassist/singer/guitarist. i have a small band with two buddys of mine, and we could use another guitarist. pm me if your interested.
Hey I live in the Conroe area and play guitar. Dont know if you are still looking for someone but I was just really suprised to see someone from texas on here, esp. houston. I like to play in a mixed style of Nirvana/A7X/Megadeth. Like the soft Nirvana songs like Polly and the funeral themed stuff from A7X and I like playing the simple chord stuff from Megadeth like in their song Symphony Of Destruction. Dont know if this kinda stuff works for you but just wanted to say youve got people out there man. Oh and I have got another guitarist like me and a drummer but were lookin for a bassist and a vocalist.
Quote by evilnatasking
I can play drums but I have no experience or own any drums.

So you've learned enough to know that drumming involves hitting sticks on things?

I know I'm not being productive, but that made me lol.
I can play drums but I have no experience or own any drums.

I don't play the drums myself, but I don't think you can learn it overnight.
Ey man, music is my ultimate passion. I have experience playing with and leading several bands in and out of Houston, recording, and doing everything from individual talent shows to large venues for all girls' boarding schools. XD I love meesa some creativity and play Guitar, Bass, a little drums, I sing, and write all my lyrics and for the most part original work. If you're interested, hit me up on Facelibro, I take my jams seriously. (Gabriel Jeffrey Neu)