my brother left me his 1965 gibson SG and told me it was cool if i used it just as long as i take care of it. but he said if i damage it in any way he is going to skin me alive.
so i have to say this guitar scares me alot. i mean all i play is my ibanez and i enjoy beating that guitar up its my work horse.
well anyway so i took out his guitar and i plug it into my amp and i figure what better to play than black sabbath so i run through a few licks and the lower strings sounded great nice crunch and thick heavy sound. when i got to the higher strings i cant say i was as impressed for some reason they sound muted i have thought long and hard but cant figure out why. so if any one has any ideas please do share.
oh and if you have any tips for taking care of a guitar like this again please share
action is too high, so just lower the strings

so what u do is lower the strings pressing the frets that sound muted and once it is cleared up move to the next fret keep lowering the string

do this until all frets sound clear
Yeah if the um guitar is quite precious, i get a professional to do it incase i botch it up. But it does sound like an action problem.
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