ok, so i hooked up the rock band microphone to my computer so i can record something. but i dont know how to get it 2 work. nebody know how?? thanks
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And is that even supposed to work? Google is your friend, man.
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i know ur problem. its rockband. throw it out the window. ur problems shall be solved.

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Oh wait, I see. Go to start, control panel, sounds and audio devices, go to the audio tab and change it to the mic
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What do you want to record? Audacity is free, but can confuse some people I guess? You can always just use the basic sound recorder in start>all programs>accessories>entertainment>sound recorder.
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Hmm.. I really doubt you'd want to use the Rock Band mic for recording something like that...

And yeah, use Audacity.
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ok. i did that. but now wat program do i use to get the mic to record stuff??

well the computer comes with it's own recording program (if you haven't tested the microphone yet), but audicity is great.