I'm not new to guitar, but im a moron when it comes to modifying my sound. I have a Marshall MG30DFX 30 watt combo, and was just wondering how to get the sounds i want out of it. On the OD channel i have a gain/bass/contour/treble adjustment, how do each of those effect the sound? and any tips for getting a good heavy sound of it? thanks !!
As a general guideline: highish bass, mid to high gain, low mids (I dunno what contour is) and treble to taste.

That's my rough settings for heavier tone.
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contour's like the magnitude of difference between low-and-mid and mid-and-bass. I think anyway

EDIT: I normally have it at around 8/10

i usually have my settings at treble about 7 or 8, bass at 6, contour at 4
Well, I prefer a smooth, creamy distortion a la Eric Johnson. I set my bass about halfway, mids 3/4 of the way, and highs 1/4 of the way turned. I keep the gain about 3/4 turned. Just enough to avoid too much fuzz, but high enough to be able to make the notes scream.

You need to have your volume up pretty high for these settings to sound good.