I love my MIM tele to death and Im thinking about getting new pickups. But, that may be a little while so for now I want to adjust the standard pups to maximum tone...ness. If you have a Standard Mexican tele, I'd appreciate it if you'd measure the distance from top of the pickups to the bottom of the strings (left and right side)...I need a good starting point because I make guitars sound worse 95% of the time I adjust them freestyle. I'd appreciate it very much and perhaps even send a thank you card .

Now for the upgrade, I'm probably going to go with a Kinman noiseless set since they are apparently very good. I have a stupid question though: do noiseless pickups eliminate just the noise coming out of the guitar when nothing is being played, or do they also help eliminate the annoying hum that unused strings make when playing a solo, etc?
What amp do you have?
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Peavey valveking 112. But if your trying to get to the source of the hum, that is something I noticed mostly when direct recording (either guitar to audio interface or guitar to spider 2 practice amp to interface). My valveking is at a band mates house so I dont know if the hum is as bad using it
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