I was thinking about getting into these guys but i'm not to sure on which album to start out with. Any one have any suggestions?

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Because he had goodness,
Because he was moral
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Rush: Cinderella Man

"Those who know whats best for us
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Rush: Witch Hunt
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Or just simply the best of album.

Personally, I would avoid a "Best Of" album, simply because you won't hear anything you haven't heard before on the radio.

When I am looking into a band, I try and go for albums that either have no songs by the band that I've heard before, or, at most, one or two songs that I've heard before. That way, I approach the album with an open mind, and not the bias of wanting to listen to songs I am familiar with.

Personally, I would start with the band's first album, entitled Children of the Future.
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