So i just picked this little gem up.. Crate Stealth GT-50,

120 dollars. This amp just sounds ****in' sweet. problem is, the outside is beat to ****, and i personally just think its ugly.

Now the clean channel on this amp is decent, but i have a feeling that through some V-30s, new tubes, and a rewire, it will be a lot better.

The gain channel... just awesome. this amp is a keeper.

Now, its ugly, its black, etc.

I want to turn this into a head, remove the amp itself from its nasty little home inside that plywood mess, and make a home for it in a nice curly maple w/ walnut accent piece that i will build. How would i make the jack for the speaker cabinet?

I would also be using a Lathe to spin all new walnut/maple knobs for it, i hope, and probably sanding off that ICK black/pink mess on the face of it and just leaving it a nice shiny silver-metalish.

any comments/answers/ideas?
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